Name of beneficiary: Tornado International Jármű – és Gépgyártó Kft.

Project title: Prototype development at Tornado International Kft.

Contracted amount of aid: HUF 17 788 643

Aid intensity (%): 60.29 %

Project ID: GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016- 02238

Project completion date: 03.10.2019.

Iroda bejárata Tornádó-International Kft.
Szécheny 2020 pályázat Tornádó-International Kft.

Presentation of the project content:

An innovative, GPS controlled “smart” manure spreading system has been developed. The existing tractor-towed fertilizer spreader schedules and applies fertilizer based on a pre-designed nutrient recharge map, referencing GPS signals, to deliver the appropriate controlled amount of fertilizer to the crop. The data is downloaded by the fertiliser spreader’s software and transmitted to the fertiliser spreader with the modified control system.

A control program was developed as part of the project, which was an enhancement of an existing IT process. The program, which processes the nutrient recovery map data, converts the data into a control signal for a given area of land, so that the individually controlled servo motors apply the correct amount of fertiliser to the land. This significantly reduces unnecessary use of materials, resulting in increased yields and avoiding significant environmental pollution.

The project has involved a customisation of the fertiliser spreader design for the developed programme, with the assistance of the design-engineering and engineering staff. For the design tasks, a special design program was implemented, which allowed the proper modelling of the spreader structure.

Through prototype development, the company combines innovative developments to develop, design and document the results of agricultural machinery. Technological innovation is the development of GPS controlled metering and the optimum design of the design.

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